The Aurimentum Gold Savings Plan for Kids

Invest now in the safe future of your children and grandchildren. Pass a piece of financial security on to the next generation – with the long-term benefits of a crisis-proof investment and the Aurimentum Gold Savings Plan for children.

Gold Savings Plan for Kids

Aurimentum’s Gold Savings Plan is an installment purchase with which you can build up your long-term assets with a minumum contribution of 25 Euro per month.
Your gold will not just be somewhere. Your gold will always be delivered free of charge directly to your home. If you invest between 25 and 49 euros a month your gold will be delivered as soon as 5 grams of gold have been saved. Starting from an investment of 50 euros per month, your gold will be delivered as soon as you’ve saved 10 grams each. A feeling of security!
Benefit from a gold bonus, the reasonable purchase conditions and all that without any deposit fees.
Flexible adjustment and suspension possible.

Advantages Of Gold As Savings Plan

Gold is significant for assets – Discover the possibilities of our gold savings plan.

Gold protects the purchasing power of your money
Gold indicates proved protection against inflation
Gold can not be randomly multiplied.
Over 5000 years store of value power.
Gold is independent of banks.
Gold is a worldwide medium of exchange.

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