The circle symbolizes wholeness and unity and represents the extensive product and service portfolio of the finovation GmbH which we would like to offer to our customers.

To us, innovation indicates a never ending process of introducing new products and customer advisory services, but also of achieving continuous development and improvement of our company. Furthermore, we see advisory services as an endless cycle concerning the continual adaptation of products for customer needs.

The implied graph illustrates a mathematical function which reaches its vertex. The finovation GmbH has set itself the target of constantly achieving the best possible – because that is what our customers deserve.

The stylized version of the letter „f“ embodies a turning and shows that individuality is a cornerstone of the finovation GmbH. We offer suitable products and advisory services to every customer.

All these concepts are brought together in our name and our tagline: finovation. – finance meets innovation. Therefore, we do not only emphasize the fusion of financial products and innovation, but we also symbolize the completeness and wholeness of our solutions through the full stop at the end of our tagline.

We put great emphasis on qualitative financial and insurance advisory services for every section of the population in Germany. Hence, we focus on classic advisory service approaches, but also on multilingual advisory services and the specific support of customers with foreign roots which is constituted by extra designed advisory concepts. Currently we offer consulting services in German, English and Romanian. Soon Turkish, Russian and Polish will follow.

Years of experience

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Modern appointment scheduling

Time is precious. Therefore, it is not our intention to waste your time by long lasting processes of making an appointment At our company, appointments are scheduled online and immediately with an advisor who is specialized in your request and speaks your language. Thanks to our app you will not forget any appointment and you will be able to reschedule or cancel appointments at any time if necessary.

Intuitive comparison calculators

You would rather first of all form an overall perspective of the situation? Feel free to compare our attractive offers by using our online calculators and sign a contract immediately on request. But even here you will not be on your own: Our team will assist you over the phone or via chat.

Individual appointment preparation

Financial and insurance products represent an important part of your life and the protection of your life – We realize that those products must be selected to fit your personal needs. Therefore, our experts will take their time to individually prepare each appointment for you and create your personal concept.

Goal-oriented advisory services

With us, there will not be any language barriers or a lack of knowledge. Our consultants are highly trained and they will support you in the language which you feel comfortable with. Modern apps support the process of finding and forming products. Thanks to the fully digital approach of our company, we willingly renounce the use of paper – For a better environment.

Succeeding together

As our founder and managing director would say: „If you are able to manage to create a win-win situation between customers and business partners, then you did everything right.“ These words became our company motto because we realize that our customers are essentially responsible for our success. Therefore, we would like to let them participate by providing appealing products, hint and bonus programs.

Feedback & Service

In order to always be able to guarantee you the best service and the best products, we are continuously developing ourselves. On that point, we will pay special attention on your feedback which will directly be included in our process. Even after the consultation, we will of course support you in all questions and concerns.

Our product portfolio

Financial Products

Check/ Giro Account
Private/ Personal Credit
Credit Card
Instant Access Savings Account

Private Property Insurance

Glass Breakage
Inventory Insurance
Protection Insurance
Accident Insurance

Private Liability Risks

Boat Insurance
Dog Owners‘ Liability Insurance
Personal Liability Insurance
Water Pollution Insurance

Life, Provision and Capital Insurance

Occupational Disability
Income Insurance
Death Benefit Insurance
Term Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance
Additional Insurance – Tooth/ Dental Treatment
Additional Insurance – Daily Health Benefits Insurance
Additional Insurance – Inpatient/ Hospital

Commercial Insurance

Business Third Party Insurance
Legal Expense/ Protection Insurance For Companies
Inventory Insurance
Automobile (Business Use)

Automobile Insurance

Camper Vans/Mobile Homes
Motorcycle Insurance
Automobile (Only Private/ Personal Use)

Saving For Building Purposes

Housing-Saving Yield/ Rate Of Return Saving
Housing-Saving Loan Demands



You’re new in Germany?

Then you’re in the right place.

Our multilingual consultants are well trained to deal with requests of customers with foreign roots. We’re specifically supporting you in starting your life in Germany with the right support at any time.

The Future Will Appear Sooner Than Expected.

We’re continually working on making your life easier. Thanks to our innovative apps you will soon be able to comfortably handle processes from home – No matter if you’re signing new contracts, cancelling existing contracts or if you’re just interested in being kept up to date.

All In From One Hand.

Our concept is universal. We offer the best products within the financial and insurance area to you and we constitute a Single Point of Contract. No matter which product it is about, your consultant will support you from the beginning until the end.

„You did very well when it comes to designing digital but nevertheless very personal financial advisory services. – Furthermore, I consider it brilliant that you’re also giving people in Germany with a foreign background an opportunity of receiving advisory services in their languages. That’s actually unique!“

John Kosmalla
Dipl. Ing. Architect and Television presenter of the german channel RTL 2

Are you ready to improve your life financially?

Then don’t wait!

Free Initial Analysis

Please contact us and one of our consultants will briefly make an appointment concerning an initial analysis for you. This initial analysis will be for free – no matter if the appointment will take place at your home or in our office accommodation!

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